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class Shape: Dgame.Graphic.Transformable.Transformable, Dgame.Graphic.Drawable.Drawable;
Shape defines a drawable geometric shape.

Randy Schuett (rswhite4@googlemail.com)

enum Fill: ubyte;
Defines how the Shape should be filled.

Full / Complete fill

Show only the points

Show only the lines

Geometry geometry;
The geometric type of the shape

Geometric enum

Fill fill;
Fill option. Default is Fill.Full

ubyte lineWidth;
Option for the line width. Default is 1

bool antiAliasing;
Optional anti-alias for lines thicker than 1. Default is false.

this is redundant if you have already enabled anti-aliasing

final pure nothrow @nogc this(Geometry geo);

final pure nothrow this(Geometry geo, Vertex[] vertices);

final pure nothrow this(size_t radius, const Vector2f center, size_t vecNum = 30);
CTor for circles

final nothrow void clear();
Clear all Vertices but preserve the storage and capacity

final pure nothrow void append(ref const Vertex vertex);
Stores a Vertex

final pure nothrow void append(const Vector2f vec);
Stores a Vertex

final pure nothrow void append(Vertex[] vertices);
Stores multiple Vertices

final inout pure nothrow @nogc inout(Vertex[]) getVertices();
Returns all Vertices

final pure nothrow @nogc void setColor(const Color4b col);
Set the color of all Vertices

If you only want to set specific Vertices to a specific color, you should use getVertices() and adapt the specific entries.

final pure nothrow @nogc void setTexture(Texture* texture);
Set or reset a Texture

final pure nothrow @nogc void setTexture(Texture* texture, const Rect rect);
Set (or reset) a Texture and set the corresponding Rect

final inout pure nothrow @nogc inout(Texture*) getTexture();
Returns the current texture or null

final pure nothrow @nogc void setTextureRect(const Rect rect);
Set the corresponding Texture Rect

final const pure nothrow @nogc Rect getVertexRect();
Returns the Rect which contains all vertices

final const pure nothrow @nogc Rect getClipRect();
Returns the clip Rect

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